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Designed with newborns in mind the Coco Mat is all about getting your baby off to sleep safely. Made using entirely organic materials which naturally help regulate airflow and body temperature. A quilted cover adds a soft top layer for additional comfort.

Our award-winning Coco Mat is perfectly suitable for older babies too but especially recommended for newborns due to very important breathability and temperature regulating fibres.

Little accidents can happen, but that’s ok, we have some super practical mattress protectors to keep your mat in tip-top condition (see our baby bedding section).

Our mattresses are not recommended for use with cribs that have a wire base. Please use our mattress with cribs that have wooden slats or a flat base and ensure the crib is assembled correctly with no missing parts or slats.

* Standard US Crib Size (52” x 28” x 6”)
* Organic coir (bonded with natural latex)
* Organic local lambswool tufting
* Machine washable 100% natural cotton cover (60°C)
* Cotton mattress cover with an OEKO-TEX® certified hypoallergenic treatment to protect against bed bugs, dust mites, mosquitos and moths
* 5-year manufacturers guarantee
* Complies with all standards (BS7177, BS 1877 Part 10, BS 71/3 & BS 5852),
* Completely chemical free
* Now shipped directly from the UK only
* Delivery within two weeks

What’s Inside

Organic Coir
The central ingredient in our mattresses, coir, is the husk of the coconut. It is extremely breathable and self ventilating which helps your child regulate their body temperature for a comfortable night’s sleep. The husk is stripped, soaked, dried and twisted to create a miniature coil and then pressed into sheets of springy fibre that are simply perfect for mattresses. All our coir is grown exclusively for us in Sri Lanka on the only certified organic coconut plantation. Coir is wonderfully sustainable and 100% of the nut is used.

Organic Lambswool
Our organic lambswool is sourced from Soil Association certified farms in Devon, Dorset and Somerset, all within 50 miles of Naturalmat HQ in Topsham. Wool is a fantastic natural insulator, helping to regulate temperature keeping you cosy in winter and cool in summer, it is also inherently fire retardant. Our organic lambswool is anti-dust mite and gives allergy protection.

Pure Cotton Cover
Our mattress cover is removable and machine washable at 60°C to keep it clean and healthy (dust mites are killed in 57°C). All the cotton we use is 100% unbleached, undyed and natural so is perfect for babies sensitive skin and children with allergies.

Materials: Organic Cotton + Organic Wool + Coconut Husk
Certifications: GOTS – Global Organic Textile Standard Soil Association

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