Plant based Potty with Flushable Liners

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* Made from sugar cane
* Revolutionary construction with disposable, flushable inserts
* Phthalates free
* Independently certified by TUV Austria
* No rinsing – stays clean and dry
* Non-slip rubber base

Plant based Potty’s main benefit is that you never have to clean it after use. Instead, a bag made of 100% biodegradable film collects the waste. When your child is done, you simply flush the bag down the toilet! Plant based Potty is made out of 95% renewable material and is therefore completely eco friendly. When we designed Plant based Potty, we wanted to combine our minimalist, Scandinavian heritage with a high-tech look that is as functional for everyday family life as it looks good in the bathroom. The primary form is a sphere with fitted functional parts, everything made in our superior, renewable sugar cane material. Plant based Potty is carefully tested to ensure comfort for the child and has a rubber ring attached to the base to eliminate any wobble.

Potty: 95% Bioplastic – Sugarcane
Potty Liners / Bag: Biodegradable PVOH Bio Film
Certifications: OK biobased – TUV Austria

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