Bio-Line Toilet Seat

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The Bio-Line potty with the cute Panda provides fun and success in potty training. Made of sturdy, durable and thick-walled bioplastic.

The PANDA toilet seat is made entirely of sturdy, durable and thick-walled bioplastic and easy to clean. The special feature of this children toilet seat is its material: a material made from natural raw materials that are biodegradable. The toilet seat PANDA can be put on any common toilet seat. This makes it easy for your child to use the same toilet as its parents. The panda bear arouses the childish attention and allows the playful practice to get used to the toilet.

* Easy to install
* Adjustable to any toilet seat
* Dual splash protection
* Mat surface prevents skin from sticking
* Measurements: 326 x 263 x 158 mm
* Easy to clean: just wash out with soap water
* Robust, thick-walled and long-lasting quality
* Tested at chemical harmlessness through an independent and approved test institution
* Made in Germany

100% biodegradable. The biodegradable plastic is made up of more than 95% natural raw materials. All material of the biological plastic can fully degrade in the soil.

Materials: Bioplastic – 70% Sugar + 20% Minerals + 5% Based on Fossil Resources

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