Bio-Line Potty

Rotho Babydesign


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The eco potty from the series Bio-Line by Rotho Babydesign is made entirely of sturdy, durable and thick-walled bioplastic and easy to clean. The special feature of this potty is the material: a material made from natural raw materials that are biodegradable.

* Ergonomical children´s potty
* Comfortable seating height
* Dual splash protection
* Mat surface prevents skin from sticking
* Measurements: 302 x 264 x 215 mm / 11.9 x 10.39 x 0.40 in
* Easy to clean: just wash out with soap water
* Robust, thick-walled and long-lasting quality
* Tested at chemical harmlessness through an independent and approved test institution
* Made in Germany

100% biodegradable. The biodegradable plastic is made up of more than 95% natural raw materials. All material of the biological plastic can fully degrade in the soil.

Materials: Bioplastic – 70% Sugar + 20% Minerals + 5% Based on Fossil Resources

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