Respected by manufacturers and agencies worldwide, Germany’s Eco Institut is an independent materials testing laboratory.

For 10 years eco-INSTITUT has been labelling low-pollutant and low-emission products for indoor use with eco-INSTITUT-Label.

eco-INSTITUT-Label is reliable quality label for products fulfilling strictest requirements on pollutants and emissions following the latest state of the art of international research and science.

For eco-INSTITUT-Label the following products can be be tested:

  • Floor coverings
  • Construction products
  • Mattresses
  • Bedding goods
  • Furniture
  • Furnishings

Testing criteria and scope

Extensive lab tests are performed. The focus is on emissions testing (outgassing) in the test chamber (according to ISO 16000).

Additionally, analyses of compounds – depending on product group – are performed on selected parametres such as heavy metals, pesticides, halogenorganic compounds.

Advantages of the eco-INSTITUT-Label for consumers

  • Safety and no health risks due to comprehensive emission and toxicological testing
  • Healthier products and thus less toxicological contamination in your home
  • Advice on shopping decisions due to additional product information
  • Transparent criteria of testing
  • Data base with all certified products