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At Under the Canopy, we’re proud of our roots in sustainable production-something we started back before “organic” and “zero-waste” were ever trendy buzzwords. Today, that tradition continues as we’ve evolved into the most sustainable home brand on the market, with every aspect of our materials and methods certified to meet rigorous criteria.

From the farm to the corporate office, our materials and facilities are audited and approved each season for verified claims to the policies we uphold. Whether it is the prevention of pesticide sprays on cotton fields, or testing for toxins and carcinogens in dyes, each component of manufacturing is scrutinized and optimized to make the best quality product.

Ensures that the raw materials, manufacturing and distribution of Under the Canopy products are free from harmful toxic substances such as heavy metals and GMO.

Under the Canopy requires the use of this global certification standard to guarantee that the dyes used on textiles are the most eco-friendly in the market. Most importantly, they pose no risk when in contact with the skin.

Fair Trade USA enables sustainable development and community empowerment by cultivating a more equitable global trade model that benefits farmers, workers, consumers, industry and the earth.

  • Fair Trade Certified
  • GOTS – Global Organic Textile Standard
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