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The Bambo Nature range is designed and manufactured in Scandinavia by the Abena Group, a large international health care wholesaler and one of the oldest diaper manufacturers in the world.

Abena, established in 1953, has its headquarters and production facilities in Denmark in Northern Europe, employs more than 1500 people worldwide and distributes its products to more than 80 countries.

In addition to Bambo Nature baby diapers, Abena develops, sources and distributes a wide range of incontinence and health care solutions all over the world.

As a result of the dedicated commitment to the health and comfort of our users as well as the protection of the environment, our diapers have been consistently recognized as the best performing products on the market in several international surveys. Abena was the first diaper manufacturer in the world to obtain the Nordic Ecolabel – one of the most stringent accreditations from an independent certification body available.


We believe in preserving the environment. Consequently, manufacturer and raw material suppliers work hand in hand to ensure that each diaper is not only completely safe for the child, but also for the eco system. Abena, the manufacturer behind the Bambo Nature range, recycles 95 % of all waste from the production of baby diapers in Denmark. The waste consists of e.g. foil wrapping from raw materials and surplus textiles.

Abena’s waste is collected and sold to recycling companies, where it is processed in a cradle-to-cradle lifecycle that transforms it into new raw materials. This enables us to handle waste in an environment-friendly way that helps decrease the exploitation of natural resources.

To ensure that practices are always followed, Abena has volunteered to undergo strict and vigorous environmental and health inspection of products and production facilities. The assessment is done at all stages from raw material collection through to production, consumption and disposal. This process guarantees that all parties in the supply chain have been independently tested and successfully comply with stringent approval criteria with regard to both health and environment.

Abena pursues a comprehensive total quality management policy involving ISO certificates, an OSHAS 18001 certificate, an SA8000 CSR certification and is a member of the United Nation’s Global Compact.

Quality Production

Our products are manufactured on a highly advanced machine that ensures minimal overall energy consumption.
All our diapers are free from added optical brighteners, skin care lotion, perfumes, essential oils or odor eliminators.
Almost all waste is recycled including powder and dust from the plant.

Quality Raw Materials

Pulp used in production comes from sustainable forests, where more trees are planted than felled.
Our products contain no added substances or chemicals that are known to be harmful to health or environment.
Our products are certified to be free from any allergens added during production.

Quality Packaging and Distribution

Our packaging has been produced from quality materials and has as low a carbon footprint as possible.
The bag can be recycled.
Our distribution partners are committed to ensuring optimum logistics management with the aim to reduce CO2 emissions from freight.

Nordic Swan Ecolabel Certification

In order to reach the standards that have won the Nordic Swan, the manufacturers of Bambo Nature have been tested on its:

* Energy and resource consumption
* Factory emissions into air, water and land
* Limits on the creation of waste products
* The content of environmentally hazardous substances in the product
* Anything that may be hazardous to humans


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