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AURO is the pioneering enterprise in the field of consistently ecological paints, wood care and cleaning products. AURO’s paints, stains, oils, waxes, cleaning and care products show that products manufactured from natural raw materials are highly efficient and offer a unique combination of high quality and ecological orientation.

Since AURO’s foundation in 1983, the holistic concept of viewing raw materials from their origin and extraction to the disposal of waste from the production as well as from objects treated with the products, has proven that ecological principles are consistent with economic success.

Our corporate philosophy is based on the use of biogenic, renewable and mineral raw materials. Materials that are well-tolerated by man must be extracted from natural sources as careful as possible and then be processed according to the principles of a gentle chemistry. Moreover, social and environmental responsibility are always the starting point to further develop the successfully practiced AURO concept.

The most important base substance of modern chemistry and its omni-present products is the non-renewable raw material petroleum. However, the future of chemistry will have to be different: In the long run, the chemical sector, just like energy providers, will have to rely on a variety of resources. The substantial raw materials for a future chemistry are available in our biosphere in an enormous richness of species: the plants.
AURO is a company that has been applying advanced raw material principles since 1983 already.

Plants offer an immeasurable variety of base materials for the production of completely bio-degradable paints. “Each single plant constitutes an efficient chemical factory with production processes that do not leave any waste. Thus a plant can, for instance, produce relevant amounts of cellulose in its stem, pigment in its leaves, wax on the leave’s surface, fat and protein in its fruit as well as scents and resins in its bloom.”

Plant chemistry knows thousands of plant species that are the basis for the production of hundreds of thousands of different materials whose climatic, geological and genetic configuration perfectly adapts to the world region they grow in. A future chemistry will be dependent on an intact, rich biological diversity. Any species extinction, be it animal or plant, threatens the future prospects for a balanced plant chemistry.

With the consistent use of raw materials based exclusively on plants and minerals for the production of diverse products for building and living, AURO has always been observing this advanced principle.

Product Certifications

Nowadays, paints, stains, oils and waxes, as well as cleaning, care and maintenance products bearing the AURO label are recognized as exemplary products for ecological building and living. The simple reason for that is: We do not accept compromise in the quality of our products for humans and the environment.

Moreover, unlike other producers, we don’t make a secret of the composition of our products. Our strength is the credibility that creates our customers’ confidence. AURO’s ecological products meet even highest technical requirements which is confirmed in numerous product tests and certifications.