Animista is about simple everyday sustainable choices.

Ever since the birth of our little one we have faced the arduous task of choosing the best to our baby. From sustainable and non-toxic diapers, to a fair and hazardous free mattress, a non-plastic potty or to non toxic wall paint, we searched and read and researched and read and researched some more – and we were amazed by the amount of things we did not know could harm our baby if we were not careful and thoughtful in our choices. We struggled not to give up and simply go for to the easy “of the shelf” offers in stores – but not reading the label was not an option anymore.
When we thought that our little one could be playing with a toxic toy made hundreds of miles away by a child slave, our souls froze. We decided to make the best choices we could and started to investigate about sustainable and safe products and life choices.
Animista is our best try to share what we have learned.

Our aim is to provide detailed information about the impact our everyday decisions can have, about how the things we buy came about and how our actions can affect our fellow humans, the planet and ourselves.

We want to help you make sustainable choices.

We are dedicated to help raise awareness of how things are made, about who makes them, with what materials and with what processes. We aim to a fair, safe and sustainable world. We aim for a world where nature is not a thing.