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Knowing how to act to save the planet and making sustainable choices in our busy lives can be tough. We can help you make good decisions even if you’re on a budget or real busy.

sustainable shopping

Sustainable Shopping
We help you shop sustainable Products
We promote durable, ecological, safe and fair trade products. We do the research so you can make good sustainable shopping choices without breaking the bank.

green guides

Green Guides
Sustainable living guides, articles and tips
Nowadays it is hard to make well informed decisions regarding what to buy (or not) and how to act in our daily lives. Our guides will help you find the sustainable options that are right for you.
How We Choose
Our Criteria
In order to determine if a thing is actually sustainable we ask a few questions that indicate how natural is the objects’ life cycle – how does it come to existence, how well does it perfom and how does it return to mother earth.
What is it made of?
What materials are used? How will the product breakdown?

We search for products made with natural, toxic free and renewable materials – we avoid hazardous stuff as polyester, acrylic, nylon, rayon, PVC or phtalates and materials that are advertised as with non natural properties (stain proof or wrinkle-free for instance).

Is it safe?
Are the materials used toxic free?

Many common products are not safe to wear or to use because they contain hazardous or toxic substances and can negatively impact our health on the short or the long run, specially in the case of children. We choose products which bear a safety certification or that are demonstrably safe.

Is it a fair deal?
Who made the product? In which conditions?
Nowadays it is generally very hard to know who made our stuff – and if there is no information about the item’s provenance it is very likey that the people involved in its making are not treated fairly. We search for products that are Fair Trade certificated and for brands that are demonstrably committed to sustainable practices.
Is it durable?
How well built is it? How will the product age?
As a rule of thumb our modern stuff breaks down or gets obsolete very quickly and the general practice is simply to replace it with a new and more sofiscated version. But most of it should just last a life time while many others should be mendable or easily fixed. We search for objects that have some sort of guarantee or that are known for its built quality.
Is it part of a sustainable lifestyle?
Is it a product of consumerism?
If something is plain useless or just a part of a fast trend then it will not make it into our selection – the latest hype tech or fashion thing is a red flag in our books. We strive for a simple lifestyle, a minimalist way that reduces consumption, work time and possessions.